Good News Vs Bad News and Our Usual Response

Google News attracts thousands of people every hour of the day. If you had access to even a fraction of that traffic, would you not see a lot more traffic coming to your site? Then you need good news.

You would. It would be possible to attract thousands of people. They’d be targeted traffic, from all over the globe. This is the best kind of traffic for any company! or individual will be happy with good news.

Google News can help you double or even quadruple your traffic if you only get one story about you business with good news. Google News indexes and aggregates news stories for the last 30 days. However, it has a news archive function that goes back 200 years of good news. There are so many good news.

To become a Google News publisher, you will need to register. You don’t need to be a “Times Newspaper” or “Wall Street Journal” publisher. It is easy to set up your news site. You can search for news items on Google News to find a lot of ordinary websites.

You can create a news site about your niche that has lots of information. Do a Google search to find relevant content, then make it yours! Google News will index your news website. You’ll soon be flooded with targeted visitors who will have their credit cards ready and waiting to purchase your news website.

To increase traffic to your website where your business is being promoted, you will need to include a prominent link to your news site’s homepage.

This is the advice Google offers on its website. This is a lot of information, and it can be difficult to find. Make sure you don’t lose it!

To be included in Google News, the URLs of your articles must comply with these guidelines:

Every page that displays an article’s entire text must have a unique URL. Google News cannot include pages that display multiple articles under the same URL or don’t have links to pages that are specific to each article.

For example, we wouldn’t be able to crawl the page if it displayed a different story every day. To ensure that links to articles work properly, each article must be associated with a unique URL. This URL must not be repeated. Keep in mind that if the only number in the article consists of an isolated four-digit number that resembles a year, such as, we won’t be able to crawl it.”

You’ll likely have to do it yourself when you first start your business. But as you grow and can afford it, outsourcing news gathering and article production work overseas is a great option. You can search Google for these companies.

It is important that your news content be structured and organized in accordance with the technical specifications Google News has provided. Your news content should be updated at the very least three to four times per week. If possible, it should be updated daily. You can always improve your news website.

It should take only a few minutes each day, and you will have thousands of people visiting your website every day, eager to purchase your products.

If you are a workaholic, you will be able to set up more news websites once you have one product that is making you money. Soon, you’ll be making double your income each month and every week.

It would be reasonable to assume that positive news about your health will help ease anxiety and stress when you are dealing with a medical emergency. My personal experience was that, after the initial excitement of receiving good news, there was a “down” feeling. It almost felt like the good news was too good. This seemed odd and I found inspiration to write this article. It is hard to believe that positive news can produce good feelings.

Let’s look at the dynamic of good and bad news. In a previous article, I discussed what to do if you receive bad news.

Anticipation is a foe because it causes anxiety and stress. The focus should be on treatment when a patient is diagnosed with a life-threatening or serious illness. There is hope that the treatment will succeed or at least that it will. This is just the beginning. There are many good news. The doctors will eventually check the treatment to make sure it is effective. It can be difficult and emotionally draining to wait for the first test. Your family and friends are also waiting. You might feel supported or responsible for their feelings for good news. Or something in between. Anticipation can cause nervous energy to build, as well as negative projections and a feeling of responsibility for others’ feelings for good news.

You get good news! It is working. Everyone can feel a wave of relief. Everyone can feel joy, celebration, and the expectation of being well. It is true that you are just waiting for the next marker and test of your health. You will soon receive the results of your next test. It could be good news or bad news. The anticipation is high again. Your loved ones and you feel anxious, on edge and possibly a little burned out by the process. You are now back in the cycle and your anticipation is growing, especially if you have been switching between good newss and bad news.

I now understand what it means to feel “down” after receiving good news. You and your family can light the flame of expectation again. Expectation leads to anxiety and stress, which can lead to other emotions, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

The ability to feel down when you hear good news can also be a way to protect yourself from the yoyo effect of negative and positive news. It won’t hurt to not get excited about negative news or neutral news. (More waiting). You may not be able to celebrate if you feel responsible for the feelings of others. You can feel down or neutral after receiving good news. This protects against disappointment and helps you avoid future upsets.

You now know the process and the cycle that creates anticipation, and low or neutral feelings when you hear good news. Do you think it is okay to deal with news about your health in this way? It is. There are no wrong or right feelings. Every person handles them in their own way. I was told by someone that it is healthier to be neutral about the bad and good news. The body can heal and stay calm with no big ups or downs. The process and cycle of dealing with a health crisis are just that: a cycle, process, life…your life.

Being present can help you manage your anticipation. This means that you should pay attention to what’s happening right now, rather than focusing on the past or making projections about the future for good news. If you’re using positive imagery, hypnosis or other methods to calm your mind, body, and emotions, these projections won’t work. The NOW is all that you, your family and friends can handle. Staying present in the moment makes it easier for good news.

Exercise: You can exercise if you are experiencing anticipatory anxiety based on past experiences or future projections.

Place your eyes closed and get into a comfortable, relaxed position. You can take 3 to 4 deep, slow breaths for good news. Notice negative emotions and thoughts if your mind is racing. There is no need to fix anything. Slowly breathe in and out, allowing your body to relax after good news. Although your limbs may feel a bit heavy, your back and neck will begin to relax. Your hands and feet will also start to relax. As you relax, your heart rate might slow. Keep observing your body, thoughts, and feelings. Notice is all you need. Just breathe in and pay attention to your left or right foot after good news. Pay attention to your ankle, arch, heal, arch and toes. Your attention should be drawn up to your calf, shin, behind you knee, and then in front of your knee towards your buttocks and thighs. Pay attention to your hip. Continue to breathe slowly. Keep your eyes on your hips and thigh. Next, focus your attention to the small of your back after good news. Then, move your gaze to the side of the back. Pay attention to your belly and abdomen. As you breathe, be aware of the movements of your chest and abdomen with good news.

Pay attention to your shoulder. Now, look down at your arm and observe each finger. Now, shift your attention back to your shoulder. Pay particular attention to your neck and throat. Next, shift your attention to the side of your face. This includes your jaw, mouth, forehead, eye and forehead after good news. Next, pay attention to your back and move up to your scalp as good news. Next, shift your attention to the opposite side of your body. Let your attention drift down from your scalp and head to your toes with good news.

It’s that simple. It will be a feeling of being in touch with your body. Your mind will become quiet and you will feel relaxed with good news. You can also move your awareness around the body up to three times if you wish, which will enhance your experience. This will promote relaxation, balanced emotions, mindfulness, and being present in good news. It will help you to manage a crisis in your health.

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